Working with the OpenStack Horizon Dashboard

Horizon Dashboard provides a web-based self-service portal to interact with underlying OpenStack services, such as launching an instance, assigning IP addresses and configuring access controls. This article will show you how to perform basic operations using the OpenStack Horizon Dashboard.

Every actions that can be done in Horizon can also be performed by the Openstack command line interface tools.

Manage Instances

Horizon allows you to manage your AgileCLOUD, AgileSERVERS and Baremetal servers from a unified interface.You can easily view your servers and perform multiple operations on them directly from Horizon. In the CLI world, you can perform those operations using OpenStack-Nova. For example, you can:

  • Spawn and Delete additional servers
  • Start, Stop and Reboot your servers
  • Access the remote console for troubleshooting
  • Automatically re-image your servers
  • And much more.

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The available options may vary depending on the type of server you want to manage (AgileCLOUD, AgileSERVER, Baremetal,…)



Manage Volumes

Horizon allows you to manage your cloud server’s volumes, just like you would with the CLI with OpenStack-Cinder. You can:

  • Create/Delete Volumes for additionnal storage, or from an Image to create a bootable volume
  • Expand a volume’s size
  • Copy a volume to an image (snapshot)
  • Attach a Volume to a different Cloud server

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Volume management is only available for AgileCLOUD servers



Manage Images

Horizon allows you to manage your images and snapshots from its web interface. The CLI equivalent of this section is OpenStack-Glance. From there, you can:

  • Upload cloud-ready images or custom images previously created.
  • Delete images and snapshots
  • Copy an image to a Volume (AgileCLOUD only)
  • Launch an instance from an Image

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The only 2 supported formats for images are: QCOW2 and RAW


Manage “Access and Security groups”

Openstack uses “Access and Security groups” to manage the security and access methods for your servers. This part of Horizon is in fact managed by OpenStack-Nova. It allows you to:

  • Create/Delete/Manage SSH key pairs that can later be used for your instances

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  • Create/Delete/Manage the Hypervisor firewall to filter traffic for your AgileCLOUD servers

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  • Obtain and Manage your Openstack API credentials



Access and Security groups works only with AgileCLOUD servers

Manage Storage Containers (Object Storage)

Openstack offers object storage trough its containers. It can be used to store temporary data or backups. You can work with object storage trough the CLI with OpenStack-Swift

From Horizon, you can:

  • Create/Delete Containers
  • Create/Delete folders inside containers
  • Upload/Download files and folders inside the containers

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Storage Containers are not intended to be used as shared storage