Getting Started with Agile Instance Deployments


Agile is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform designed to meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads. Agile offers “out-of-the-box” hybrid hosting capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly weave virtual and bare-metal servers into your environment.


Powered by OpenStack, our standards-based IaaS platform offers scalability and cloud elasticity with on-demand access to virtual and physical instances.


This document will allow you to quickly get started using the Agile platform, creating virtual or bare metal servers within the OpenStack Horizon portal.

Access OpenStack Credentials

Please refer to the KB article below for getting started with OpenStack.

Launch An Instance In Horizon

Horizon is the OpenStack dashboard, providing a web based user interface to access OpenStack services.  Both AgileCLOUD and AgileSERVER deploy on demand instances, can be provisioned from within the Horizon portal.

From within Horizon, customers have the capability to create or delete instances, add storage volumes to cloud servers, create and deploy custom images, add access and security parameters to their instances, etc.

Log into


Select the region to deploy services into.

In this example, NYJ001 (metro New York/Secaucus, NJ) is selected


Select the instances tab and click on ‘Launch an Instance’


Fill in the Instance Name, select ‘Boot from image’ for your Instance Boot Source and your preferred operating system in Image Name


In the ‘Access & Security’ tab, choose an admin password and confirm (alternatively select an SSH keypair)

Note that by default OpenStack will select the ‘default’ security group which allows all outbound traffic and drops all inbound traffic unless edited.

NOTE:  The configuration shown here will expose the server.  Please see the following KB article on Creating and Managing Security Groups, to fine-tune the security of the instance to fit application requirements.


In the ‘Networking’ tab, select the network you want to activate, LAN or WAN or both.  When using both, always put the WAN first


Click ‘Launch’ to create the instance.


The created server shows with its information.