Illegal, Obscene and Harmful Content

Internap’s Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) prohibits Customers (and any third party who uses the services through or on behalf of a Customer) from publishing, transmitting, distributing or storing content, material, information or data that is illegal, obscene and harmful, among other things. Prohibited content includes:

· Illegal activities. Any activity that violates a law, rule or regulation (i.e. child pornography).

· Obscene content. Content that is defamatory, libelous, invasive of an individual’s privacy or otherwise objectionable including content that relates to bestiality or depictions of illegal activity (i.e. child pornography).

· Harmful content. Content that is harmful to others or Internap’s services (or services of another customer), threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or advocates violence.


How do I know if my use of services is violating the AUP?

If you are you unsure whether you are engaging in illegal activities you should consult with your legal counsel as Internap does not provide legal advice. If you have questions related to obscene or harmful use of services you can contact our Abuse & Security team by sending an email to


How do I remove illegal, obscene or harmful content?

In most cases, deleting the content will resolve the AUP violation. You should also take action to prevent future violations. In the event that Internap receives a complaint regarding your use of services you will be reminded of your obligations to comply with the AUP and Internap will take actions (including suspension of services) if Internap determines that you are in violation of the AUP.